ARIS Telephoto Lens Set

IMAGES DELIVERED IN ULTRA-HIGH RESOLUTION. When only the most-detailed images will do, our Telephoto Lens is the solution. ARIS Explorer… Read more »

ARIS Concentrator Lens

SEE MORE CLEARLY IN SHALLOW WATER. An ideal accessory for shallow water tasks. The plano concave concentrator lens allows beams… Read more »

ARIS Cable Kits

All Sound Metrics imaging sonars come with a 15-meter cable. Additional cable is available in 30, 60 and 150-meter lengths.

AR3 Rotator

In the pan/tilt/roll mode, the AR3 rotates a full 360° to enable complete imaging of the surrounding environment. Varying the… Read more »

AR2 Rotator

In the pan/tilt mode, the AR2 rotates a full 360º to enable complete imaging of the surrounding environment. In the… Read more »

ARIS Spreader Lens

MAXIMUM COVERAGE AT MINIMAL RANGE. For close-up imaging tasks inside 10 meters, the spreader lens provides maximum coverage at minimal… Read more »

Pole Mount

Deployed from a structure or vessel, the heavy-duty yet lightweight Pole Mount makes it easy to set the orientation of… Read more »