DIDSON Accessories

Extra Memory

When connecting a cable is inconvenient or impossible, Sound Metrics imaging sonars can be customized to conduct autonomous monitoring by… Read more »

DIDSON Concentrator Lens

Various options meet a range of application needs. At 10 meters, the 3º Concentrator Lens casts a beam only 0.52… Read more »

DIDSON Cable Kits

All Sound Metrics imaging sonars come with a 15-meter cable. Additional cable is available in 30, 45, 60 and 150-meter… Read more »

Field Maintenance Kit

Kit contents include: 4 cable connector o-rings 4 bulk head connector o-rings 20 lens screws 6-32 x1/4 8 lens tray… Read more »

Topside Control Field Case

Allows operation from an external 12V battery or AC line power, and a 12V outlet provides power for a (user-supplied)… Read more »

Silt Protection Box

Highly turbid waters, especially those with a fast current, have heavy sediment loads that can become trapped in the lens… Read more »

Remote Auxiliary Lens

The Remote Auxiliary Lens (RAL) delivers options when you need them most—while the sonar is in the water. A simple… Read more »

Pole Mount

Deployed from a structure or vessel, the heavy-duty yet lightweight Pole Mount makes it easy to set the orientation of… Read more »

Orientation Sensor

Designed to help keep your sonar in position, the Honeywell TruePoint Compass improves the efficiency and effectiveness of deployment and… Read more »

DIDSON Telephoto Lens Set

Ideal for medium and long range imaging. The combination of narrow horizontal beamwidths (down to .15º) and narrow vertical beamwidths… Read more »

X2 Rotator

The X2 Rotator was engineered to ensure easy and accurate aiming of DIDSON sonars. In the pan/tilt mode, the X2… Read more »