DIDSON™ 300 Meter (Out of Production)

Replaced by ARIS Explorer 1800 or ARIS Explorer 3000

DIDSON 300 Meter:

The DIDSON 300 fits the analog and digital electronics in one housing below the lens compartment. It is depth rated to 300 m (1000 ft).

The DIDSON 300 has the option of adding a Remote Auxiliary Lens (RAL) which allows for choosing two vertical angles remotely for penetrating shallow rivers, taking contours, 3D, and close-up inspections. The RAL allows one to mount and dismount a concentrator or spreader lens when the sonar is deployed.

This gives the operator two choices of vertical beamwidth: 14-degrees or one of 1, 3, 8, or 28 degrees. The lens is exchanged by a software command saving the time to bring up the sonar and physically changing the lens by hand. The RAL requires its own motor actuator and needs the new rear endcap that supports one.

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