DIDSON™ DIVER-HELD (Out of Production)

Replaced by ARIS Defender 1800 or ARIS Defender 3000

The DIDSON DIVER-HELD (DH) is a self-contained unit with batteries and mask-mounted display with a depth rating of 100 meters.

It allows divers to operate in zero-vis conditions. The DH was developed to inspect hulls and berths in turbid water where divers otherwise would resort to slow, tactile examinations. The diver has thumb switches to change the display range and store images. The diver views the image through a mask-mounted SVGA color display.

The rechargeable, exchangeable batteries provide 2.5 hours of operation. The DH is a convertible sonar. This means it can be mounted on a platform or shaft and operated topside as our other models. Transit Case included.

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