Sound Metrics Announces New Line
of Interchangeable Lenses

Lake Forest Park, Washington –

Sound Metrics Corporation announces the release of several new lens options for its DIDSON product range. The new line of lenses includes a DIDSON Ultra-High Resolution Large Lens Set and two types of DIDSON Concentrator Lens.

A spokeswoman for the company reports, “The direction the company has taken in terms of new product development is very unique and different. Our primary concern was how do we move forward with new product development and in parallel protect our DIDSON users base investment when they selected and purchased DIDSON. Our customers are very, very important to us and we attribute a huge part of our success to their success using DIDSON.

The new Ultra-High Resolution Large Lens Set and Concentrator Lenses can easily be fitted onto an existing DIDSON. This enables our existing worldwide DIDSON user base to take full advantage of the new capabilities offered by these new lenses at a fraction of the cost for a new system. The complete range of lenses is now available at a very cost-effective and affordable price point. Basically, all one has to do is swap out their existing lens to the Ultra-High Resolution Large Lens® Option and voila….they now have double the resolution over the Standard or Long Range lens sets! The process of interchanging the lens is very easy and can be done by the user. The feedback thus far from our clients has been overwhelmingly positive and appreciative”.

The DIDSON Dual-Frequency Sonar has proven to be the sensor of choice when quality, reliability and high resolution data counts.