Sound Metrics Corp. Provides
Supplies For U.S. Air Force

Lake Forest Park, WA, June 10, 2010 –

Following an extensive assessment, the U.S. Air Force has selected the DIDSON Diver Held Sonar for use by their CSAR Guardian Angel Teams to meet urgent search and recovery operational requirements.  The 17-month assessment, which was characterized as one of the most thorough evaluations concluded for a COTS handheld sonar by a US military agency, also included participation by the US Navy, as well as Florida State University.

In May, after successful testing, the USAF awarded Sound Metrics Corp. a production contract for 20 complete DIDSON-DH Diver Sonars and Display systems.  Delivery of the first 6 systems was expedited to meet existing combat requirements.   This order comes on the heels of a previous order for DIDSON units to be used for Special Operations and brings to 25 the number of DIDSON systems currently in use by the U.S. Air Force.

Bill Hanot, Sound Metrics Vice President stated: “After competing in a rigorous test and evaluation process that included extensive in-water and environmental testing, we are very proud to have been chosen as the supplier of diver-held imaging sonar systems to the U.S. Air Force and welcome the opportunity to help support the mission of our men and women in uniform, whether serving at home or overseas.”

Sound Metrics Corp. is a world leader in the development and manufacture of underwater imaging technology that provides divers the ability to see through turbid or dark waters.  The company’s Acoustic Lens technology creates near video-quality images and displays them on a mask-mounted display.

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