Sound Metrics Launches ARIS Explorer at Oceans International in London

A demonstration tank showed all attendees the great detail and video-like resolution of the three ARIS Explorer models – the 3000 (3MHz) for highly detailed close-up inspection, the 1800 (1.8MHz) for general purpose detection and inspection and the 1.2 MHz which allows long range location, detection and inspection. Soon to be released will be a Diver Held model along with several market specific software module SE enhancements.

For over ten years Sound Metrics has offered a state-of-the-art imaging sonar, the DIDSON, that is in use in many underwater projects, from protecting endangered fish species to oil exploration and maintenance repair work. Recent demonstrations for use in Search & Rescue operations and port security has shown high-definition imaging sonars have a useful place in today’s underwater environment.

If you have an application that is difficult or impossible to “see” with conventional light enhanced video or scuba work, contact Sound Metrics to discuss how to “See What Others Can’t.”